Selling a Poison by the Barrel: Liquid Nicotine for E-Cigarettes

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A dangerous new form of a powerful stimulant is hitting markets nationwide, for sale by the vial, the gallon and even the barrel.

The drug is nicotine, in its potent, liquid form — extracted from tobacco and tinctured with a cocktail of flavorings, colorings and assorted chemicals to feed the fast-growing electronic cigarette industry.

These “e-liquids,” the key ingredients in e-cigarettes, are powerful neurotoxins. Tiny amounts, whether ingested or absorbed through the skin, can cause vomiting and seizures and even be lethal. A teaspoon of even highly diluted e-liquid can kill a small child.

But, like e-cigarettes, e-liquids are not regulated by federal authorities. They are mixed on factory floors and in the back rooms of shops, and sold legally in stores and online in small bottles that are kept casually around the house for regular refilling of e-cigarettes.

Evidence of the potential dangers is already emerging. Toxicologists warn that e-liquids pose a significant risk to public health, particularly to children, who may be drawn to their bright colors and fragrant flavorings like cherry, chocolate and bubble gum.

Is There Evidence for Potential Harm of Electronic Cigarette Use in Pregnancy?

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The short- and long-term effects of these products on both mother and fetus are unknown.

Because e-cigarettes are nicotine delivery systems, we sought to conduct a comprehensive review of the effects of nicotine on the fetus.

In utero nicotine exposure in animal models is associated with adverse effects for the offspring lung, cardiovascular system and brain. In the lung, this included reduced surface area, weight, and volume, as well as emphysema-like lesions. In adulthood, exposed offspring demonstrate elevated blood pressure and increased perivascular adipose tissue. In the brain, exposure alters offspring serotonergic, dopaminergic, and norepinephrine networks, which in turn are associated with behavioral and cognitive impairments. We also review current data on the lack of efficacy of nicotine replacement therapy in pregnant women, and highlight different nicotine containing products such as snuff, snus, and hookah. We conclude that no amount of nicotine is known to be safe during pregnancy, and studies specifically addressing this risk are crucial and an imminent public health issue.

Birth Defects Research (Part A), 2014. © 2014 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

Abstract from article:

How Nicotine Works

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Within cigarettes or tobacco products, of all the harmful substances found in the plant and added, nicotine is by far the most harmful. This is because it addicts you to the product – which contains all of the harmful chemicals. Read here to see how nicotine gets to work.

E-Cigarettes May Not Be As Safe As You Think

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Complaints of injury linked to e-cigarettes, from burns and nicotine toxicity to respiratory and cardiovascular problems, have jumped over the past year as the devices become more popular, the most recent U.S. data show.

Tell the FDA to Regulate All Tobacco Products

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The FDA is under immense pressure to include loopholes in its final rule over tobacco products. Cigar smokers, e-cigarette users, retailers and manufacturers are flooding the FDA with comments urging exemptions and weaker regulations. The FDA needs to hear from you to make sure the final rule is strong and doesn’t exempt any tobacco products.

only takes 20 – 60 seconds; spare a minute save a life

Roots of Corruption in the White House: The Tabaccoless

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The President’s Office of Management and Business (OMB) last week illegally intercepted the Food and Drug Administration’s attempts to regulate the increasingly dangerous E-cigarettes and premium cigars, when it tampered with it’s proposal it submitted for review. OMB employees are believed to have been influenced by the cigar industry, backed by members of Congress, when they lobbied them:  “As you know,” they wrote, “premium cigars are a niche product with an adult consumer base, much like fine wines. The majority of people who enjoy a cigar do so occasionally, often in social or celebratory settings.”

Also omitted were facts about toxic ingredients such as diethylene glycol, a chemical that the FDA said has caused mass poisonings in products such as the painkiller acetaminophen and cough syrup.

The fact backfires at us when you got an additional $32.6 to $34.2 million in public health this year, as well as an $16 million to $52 million in welfare, along with the safety of our children, as they have been the subject in recent advertisements by e-cigarette companies: blu eCigs, which is owned by tobacco giant Lorillard Inc, and privately held NJoy.

Here are the documents that FDA posted:

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
FDA’s original NPRM –
FDA’s original NPRM with OIRA’s edits in red –

Regulatory Impact Assessment (cost-benefit analysis)
FDA’s original RIA –
FDA’s original RIA with OIRA’s edits in red –


Protect Your Community from E-Cigarettes

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Berkeley City Council meeting for electronic cigarettes to SHS protections. 

Starts: Tues., July 8, 2014 at 7 pm

Takes place in the Council Chambers – 2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley

Item 43 on the Agenda.

43. a. Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes
From: Community Health Commission
Establish City Policy to regulate the sale and use of electronic cigarettes in the City of Berkeley. 1.  Recommend State and Federal legislation to apply current tobacco cigarette regulations for the sale and purchase of electronic cigarettes.  2.  Amend Berkeley Municipal Codes on Smoking Control to include smoking of electronic cigarettes.

Link to Staff Report:  43b Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes

Some E-Cigarettes Deliver a Puff of Carcinogens

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The new e-cigarettes called tank systems produce a level of toxic chemicals similar to that of actual cigarettes


Tank systems have built-in heating devices powered by batteries, and can come in deceptive forms like pens and flashlights.
While these devices are increasingly popular, generating a revenue of some 1.7 to 2 billion dollars, the carcinogens in them are so bad, that Dr. Alan says, “If I was in a torture chamber and you said I had to puff on something, I’d choose an e-cigarette over a regular cigarette, but if you said I could choose an e-cigarette or clean air, I’d definitely choose clean air.”

Carcinogens are harmful agents in smoking-products that cause many different types of cancer