Selected Art Pieces from Tobacco-Less Art Shows

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Baby RetroPig + 17 more

The Secret Bribes of Big Tobacco

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Paul Hopkins, who worked for BAT, a British company, in Kenya for 13 years, said he had begun paying bribes after being told it was the cost of doing business in Africa.

Use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) among Asian American Young Adults in California Webinar

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The participants will:

1. Learn the prevalence of ever and current use of ENDS among specific Asian American ethnic groups and genders.
2. Understand the risk perception of ENDS users in relation to their health
3. Identify sites of exposure to ENDS awareness among Asian Americans
4. Identify preference of ENDS flavors in this population

AAPCC reports over 2,000 cases of e-cigarette exposures to date

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Below are tips and recommendations from The American Association of Poison Control Centers:

Protect your skin when handling the products.
Always keep e-cigarettes and liquid nicotine locked up and out of the reach of children.
Follow the specific disposal instructions on the label.
If you think someone has been exposed to an e-cigarette or liquid nicotine, call your local poison center

‘Not just a flavoring:’ Menthol, nicotine combined desensitize airway receptors

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering restrictions on menthol cigarettes because it has determined that menthol in cigarettes is likely associated with increased initiation and progression to regular cigarette smoking in teens, and increased dependence, and reduced success in smoking cessation, especially among African American menthol smokers.…/150511163038.htmmenthol-cigarettes

Web MD: Quitting Smoking

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If you’ve been planning to quit, you may already know that when you stop smoking, you may not feel so great at first. Some people feel grouchy and have cravings.


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CDC TIPS Campaign Educates E-cigarette Users About Dangers of Dual Use of E-cigs and Cigs

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Tips From Former Smokers

Tips From Former Smokers

E-cigarettes are not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for smoking cessation. The limited research published to date has not proven that electronic cigarettes are effective smoking cessation aids. E-cigarettes are unregulated and that users cannot be sure what they are exposed to.

Cardiology article for E-cigarettes by the American Heart Association: (

E cigarette dangers

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19 year old overdoses on an E Cigarette

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