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California’s Senate Bill 140 is unfortunately being held up in the Senate Appropriations Committee, likely due to pressure from tobacco industry and e-cigarette industry groups.

SB 140 seeks to define and regulate e-cigarettes and other electronic smoking devices as tobacco products, including not allowing the products to be used in smokefree spaces.

The bill passed the Senate Health Committee, but the Appropriations Committee sent the bill to the “suspense file” and it now requires a special vote to get out of the committee. Otherwise, it will dies like previous efforts to address e-cigarette use in smokefree spaces. As UCSF Professor Stan Glantz said, “The fact that the bill is stuck in the Senate Appropriations Committee is strong evidence that the bill industry is fighting hard (as always, in the shadows), since this bill does not require appropriating any money. Indeed, by improving health it will save money.”

We need to speak up to let our Senators know that we are not going to stand by and let this important public health bill be stopped by industry pressure.

What can you do to help?

Please take a moment to contact your California Senator to voice your support for SB 140. Click here to look up your Senator’s name, email, and phone number. Personal communications from constituents are a very meaningful way to influence our elected officials.

Ask your Senator to support SB 140 in order to protect public health and let him/her know that Californians will not allow this important public health bill to be blocked by pressure from tobacco industry and e-cigarette industry groups.

It’s also important that we voice our support for SB 140 because there is a competing bill this session. SB 24 is not supported by public health groups, including ANR, because it does not treat e-cigarettes as a tobacco product and it old be used to undermine California’s tobacco control laws.

Thank you for taking action!

Liz at ANR

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