Roots of Corruption in the White House: The Tabaccoless

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The President’s Office of Management and Business (OMB) last week illegally intercepted the Food and Drug Administration’s attempts to regulate the increasingly dangerous E-cigarettes and premium cigars, when it tampered with it’s proposal it submitted for review. OMB employees are believed to have been influenced by the cigar industry, backed by members of Congress, when they lobbied them:  “As you know,” they wrote, “premium cigars are a niche product with an adult consumer base, much like fine wines. The majority of people who enjoy a cigar do so occasionally, often in social or celebratory settings.”

Also omitted were facts about toxic ingredients such as diethylene glycol, a chemical that the FDA said has caused mass poisonings in products such as the painkiller acetaminophen and cough syrup.

The fact backfires at us when you got an additional $32.6 to $34.2 million in public health this year, as well as an $16 million to $52 million in welfare, along with the safety of our children, as they have been the subject in recent advertisements by e-cigarette companies: blu eCigs, which is owned by tobacco giant Lorillard Inc, and privately held NJoy.

Here are the documents that FDA posted:

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
FDA’s original NPRM –
FDA’s original NPRM with OIRA’s edits in red –

Regulatory Impact Assessment (cost-benefit analysis)
FDA’s original RIA –
FDA’s original RIA with OIRA’s edits in red –