BCC Tobacco-Less Club presented it’s survey finding.

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BCC Tobacco-Less Club presented it’s finding from 91 students and staff at Laney and BCC surveyed regarding there District’s tobacco-free policies. Here’s what we found: – 90% of respondents support a no-smoking policy. – 80% are bothered by secondhand smoke. – 93% encounter secondhand smoke at some point while on campus. – 90% believe that the no-smoking policies should be enforced. – 44% believe there is currently no enforcement of the policies taken place on their campuses, 27% are neutral, and 27% agree that enforcement is taking place. – 21% of respondents smoke, which is higher than the statewide average (statewide it is less than twelve percent). With 93 per cent encountering secondhand smoke on campus, enforcement and compliance seem particularly important. Especially when 90 per cent support a no-smoking policy. http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=8HRHi1QFMb4&feature=share&list=PLBJy03_IbzP8JIUxHWTmqTkLEhf3-blQC