2012 Art contest results and show recap

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2012 Art Show & Contest Recap

First Place (Fiamma Giger)– In this piece I focused on the effects that smoking has on the smoker internally and contrasted them with the external image portrayed by the media that smoking is sexy act. Using grunge effects and dirty, gritty textures, I used a photograph of a chest x-ray of lung cancer as a backdrop for a smoking woman in her brassiere. The toxic black smoke emanating from her lit cigarette wisps around the overly saturated section of the x-ray where the cancerous tumor is growing. The cigarette butts that fill the bottom half of the piece demonstrate the internal and external refuse created by the act of smoking. An overlay of a human skull reduces this supposedly sexy woman to a skeletal frame that could be any woman and allows the viewer to relate to her and imagine themselves in her position. Check out  http://www.fiammagiger.com/ for more of her work.

Second Place (Jose Nunes)– I wanted to play on the idea of the toxicity of cigarettes.  I used the idea of x-ray vision in the drawing.   If you look at the figure of the security officer giving a ticket, his  hip bone is exposed, as though it is an x-ray.  There is a rib cage exposed of a young lady with a portfolio in hand and a gentleman has his whole head exposed as though it was an x-ray.   I was trying to show that smoke is toxic by having parts of the body exposed, just like an x-ray. The smoke turns into skulls on the far right of the picture above the school and on the top left.


 Second Place (Laura Miller)

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Third  Place (Mathison Ott)


  Honorable Mention (Rena C. Simon-Igra)


Honorable Mention (Justin Pastores)


Honorable Mention (Daniela Nikolaeva)


Thanks Every One!